We can supply any replacement pieces should some of yours get damaged or are lost (?).

Generally the delivery cost is a large part of the overall cost so it can be cheaper if you can collect from us in Randburg, Gauteng. We will need some notice if you are collecting so that we can have the correct piece ready for you as we try not to break a complete set.

For coloured piece replacements please allow 10 working days for us to make the piece for you. For Black and Ivory a few days notice is normally sufficient.

An economical way of getting the replacement piece to you is using the Postnet to Postnet delvery service.

To use this service you need to find the Postnet closest to you, let us know the pieces type and colour and your cellphone number. We will send an invoice for you to pay and within a few days your new piece will be ready to collect at the Postnet branch selected.

Costs are the same throughout South Africa as at 14th September 2021. Please note that the King cannot be sent using the Postnet to Postnet service it is just too large. Please contact us for normal courier service costs if required.