Club Mykonos:

 mykonos  mykonos

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 Avalon Springs:


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 Blue Feather Estate:

blue feather estate



mabalingwe 2 
 mabalingwe 1
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 Indaba Hotel and Conference Centre:

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 Drakensburg Sun:

This hotel is situated with a beautiful view of the hills and valleys of the Drakensburg. The BigChess set is a great addition to their attractive assets and fits in well with the tranquil environment in clear view of the veranda.

OC drakensburg sun - view from the hotel
OC drakensburg sun - valley view
OC drakensburg sun - side view of board  

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Champagne Valley:

In a wonderful part of the Berg, this timeshare resort caters for families who stay for at least  a week or more at a time. The BigChess set replaces a heavily used, fibreglass set and will be much more rugged and durable than the fibreglass type. They have a lovely storage house for their pieces, built in the style of all the buildings.

OC champagne valley - chess set OC champagne valley - chess storage house         

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