Cleaning the pieces

Cleaning the chess pieces is a simple but essential task to perform. Because they are made of high grade plastic from Sasol they are very easy to clean. And because they are outdoor pieces, they absolutely need a good cleaning now and again.

All you need is:

  1. Multi-purpose cleaner (like Handy-Andy).
  2. A bucket of warm water.
  3. A cloth.
  4. Silicone spray (which you can get at any hardware store).


Using the cloth, multi-purpose cleaner warm water, wipe down the pieces to remove dust and stains. You will need to apply more multi-purpose cleaner for the stubborn stains.

wiping piece down 

 Then, using the silicone spray, spray the pieces individually.

silicone spray

Allow the pieces to dry for about an hour.

sprayed pieces to dry

 Wipe the pieces to remove excess grease.

wiped down after silicone

Good as new!!

Before .... 

dirty pieces  and after... clean pieces

Notice the difference...

dirty vs. clean

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