Some interesting things customers have done with Giant Chess pieces

One Saturday we had an interesting random customer stop by to purchase a few chess pieces. After some discussions we learned that they were going to be made into beer mugs for an ABC party? Google helped me here afterwards to find out that ABC meant  = Anything But Cups !

Unusual Beer Mugs !

An equestrian training company contacted us to use some pieces for an advertising shoot they were doing. The pieces seemed to work well and enhanced their promotional material.

Making a horse jump more interesting ?!

Two red and yellow chess sets were used in a Big Brother series, along with a selection of other black and ivory pieces.

Big Brother 1
Big Brother 2
Big Brother 3
Big Brother 4

Adding LED Illumination to Translucent BigChess Pieces

We have several ways of adding illumination to any of the translucent pieces.

We can send you the details and where to buy the various parts we have used and you can add the illumination yourself if you wish.

The LED illuminated types generally use 12 V power.

The Multi-colour Illuminated Queen Table using a Lithium-Ion battery pack with a DC to DC converter and an off-the-shelf multicolour LED strips with a remote colour control.

Illuminated Queen Table
Multi-colour Illuminated Queen Table
Blue LED Illumination
Blue LED Illumination
Illuminated Bishop Comparison
White LED Illumination
Illuminated Red King
Illuminated Red King using a single Multi-Colour LED at the base

A property management group using bright lime green bishops as novel parking cones

Broll Properties at Boskruin Village Shopping Centre decided that the boring orange parking cones were out of date and opted for our pieces instead !

Illuminated Queen Table
Marking off the loading and disabled parking bays
Blue LED Illumination
Just to make sure no one drives into the chain !