Prices of standard set, coloured sets, individual pieces and accessories. 

BC-A/SET/BK-IV Bigchess Set Black/Ivory  R 10 750

This excludes the chess board and excludes VAT (we do not charge VAT).

For delivery costs using our preferred couriers, please go to the Delivery Section or
contact us for other delivery options.

Please see the page on board options to get more information.

We also sell individual pieces for replacements or ornamental purposes:

Part Number Description Price
BC-A/BK-KING King Black R 600
BC-A/BK-QUEEN Queen Black R 600
BC-A/BK-BISHOP Bishop Black R 400
BC-A/BK-KNIGHT Knight Black R 400
BC-A/BK-CASTLE Castle Black R 350
BC-A/BK-PAWN Pawn Black R 290
BC-A/IV-KING King Ivory R 600
BC-A/IV-QUEEN Queen Ivory R 600
BC-A/IV-BISHOP Bishop Ivory R 400
BC-A/IV-KNIGHT Knight Ivory R 400
BC-A/IV-CASTLE Castle Ivory R 350
BC-A/IV-PAWN Pawn Ivory R 290

Quantity discounts can be negotiated, please contact us if you have any questions.

Colour Sets 

BC-A/SET/CLR Bigchess Colour Set   R 11 800
BC-A/SET/SAF Bigchess Safari Set R 11 800

 We also sell individual pieces for replacements or colourful ornamental purposes:

Part Number Description Price
BC-A/xx-KING King Any Colour R 640
BC-A/xx-QUEEN Queen Any Colour R 640
BC-A/xx-BISHOP Bishop Any Colour R 440
BC-A/xx-KNIGHT Knight Any Colour R 440
BC-A/xx-CASTLE Castle Any Colour R 390
BC-A/xx-PAWN Pawn Any Colour R 330
xx- colour     

Some of our colours:

 KHAKI (safari)  
HUNTER'S GREEN (safari)  

You can go ahead and see some pictures of our colour sets in colourful sets & pieces.

 Chess Piece Tables:

Part Number Description Price
BC-TBLQ/BK-G Queen Table – Black/Glass Top R 2 150
BC-TBLQ/IV-G Queen Table – Ivory/Glass Top R 2 150
BC-TBLQ/TR-G Queen Table – Translucent/Glass Top R 2 450
BC- TBLQ/xx-G Queen Table – Any Colour/Glass Top R 2 450
BC-TBLQ/BK-A Queen Table – Black/Acrylic Top R 1 950
BC-TBLQ/IV-A Queen Table – Ivory/Acrylic Top R 1 950
 BC-TBLQ/TR-A Queen Table – Translucent/Acrylic Top  R 2 250
BC- TBLQ/xx-A Queen Table – Any Colour/Acrylic Top R 2 250
BC-TBLC/BK-G Castle Table – Black/Glass Top R 1 100
BC-TBLC/IV-G Castle Table – Ivory/Glass Top R 1 100
BC-TBLC/TR-G Castle Table – Translucent/Glass Top R 1 250
BC- TBLC/xx-G Castle Table – Any Colour/Glass Top R 1 250
BC-TBLC/BK-A Castle Table – Black/Acrylic Top R 995
BC-TBLQ/IV-A Castle Table – Ivory/Acrylic Top R 995
BC-TBLQ/TR-A Castle Table – Translucent/Acrylic Top R 1 100
BC- TBLQ/xx-A Castle Table – Any Colour/Acrylic Top R 1 100
xx = colour code