pinching chess pieces

So there you were at this lovely hotel in the mountains and having a fantastic weekend. The party last night was awesome and the Jaeger bombs really did the trick – what a great evening.

What’s that?, oh, that? That’s a chess piece, my favourite piece, a rook and it will look so cool in my lounge. What a momento and souvenir of the weekend, “borrowed” from the set near the pool.

 PCP stop

   we can help......




Sadly some of our pieces with our clients have been known to go walkabout......... and they don’t come back !PCP burglar

Perhaps  we can help......




PCP hunterIf you feel the urge to “borrow” a chess piece to show your mates how manly you are (hunter stuff!) –





then you need to do the following:

  • “borrow” the piece,
  • take a cool and interesting pic of you and your trophy,
  • send it to us with your story as an e-mail,
  • then you have to return the piece to where you got it .

PCP jail

If you have a good story, a fun pic and if we like it, we will send you a replacement trophy free of charge !

How’s that?  – in this way everyone wins – we get a great story and pic for our website, the guys with the set can still play the next day/week, they are not too browned off, and you get your trophy!

Oh, I should add, that, if you are reading this and contemplating “borrowing” a chess piece trophy, you are a bad person !PCP fingerprint