get a set donated

As you may imagine, we do get quite a few requests for donations and we would like to assist all. We also know that if we can provide a good platform we can help to find the funds to get sets to where they are most needed.

Two additional things which need to be considered with respect to donations are: transport from Randburg and then the building of a suitable board (perhaps also could be a storage facility or some plan for storing the pieces). See the section on board options for building your own board.

It is one of our goals to find a generous sponsor for which we can brand pieces and then supply boards, sets and a seating facility (which doubles as a storage place) – all of which can be branded. You can see some info under the corporate branding button.

If you would like some assistance in purchasing or aquiring a BigChess set, please download, complete and send it in an email with as much information as possible attached (motivation for potential sponsors, background, mission statement, pictures). 

If you would like to be one of our esteemed benefactors please contact Marie on 011 792-4538 or send an email to [email protected]. We will then link you with organisations that need assistance.