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Charlie's Castle - Geocache Update !

(February 20, 2014)

Well, I guess it had to happen, some moron pinched Charlie's Castle, geocache and all ! Well after some deliberations we reckon we have now replaced Charlie's Castle with a replacement that will be pretty difficult to pinch. Now it's attached to several hundred kilograms of concrete, let's see the morons get this one.

Our new moron resistant outdoor piece process:

filled with concrete and reinforcing Fill the piece with re-inforcing
and concrete.

fentonGet someone strong to carry it to the
prepared hole after concrete inside
piece has set.

the hole and concrete-filled cachePrepare some more concrete ready
to "plant' the piece.

Plant the piece and get set up
straight at the desired level.

 some concrete
Add concrete, lots of it...

Done !!



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