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BigChess goes to the GeekFest again!!

(June 29, 2017)


This year as per tradition, BigChess was at the Geekfest with two sets.

Montecasino was the new venue which was quite different to the rural locations of the past.

 20170513_110043 (1024x576)Things going on were:

               Robo Wars,

               LARP (live action role playing),

               Displays by The Dahogrian Empire,

               Medieval Combat displays from Battle Heritage SA,


               Geek Themed Market.



 nana1  playing  nana2

 What was available to do:

  • Participation in the Geeklympics,
  • playing game of Kings,
  • shooting arrows with Troll Bow Project,
  • chilling in the gaming tent or in the craft beer garden,
  • participation in various board games,
  • testing brainpower with the Geek Quiz,
  • and dressing up and entering the cosplay competitions.

 The weather was not great with rain on the Saturday but we had many stalwart geeks who were not aware of the weather !

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