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Nyukani Education Centre

(June 28, 2017)


Nyukani Education Centre Giyani is an independent school offering high quality primary and secondary education with a bias towards science, commerce and ICT streams. Nyukani Education Centre Giyani is a state of the art school with world-class educational facilities such as science laboratories, sporting and cultural facilities. Nyukani Education Centre Giyani uses technology and digital e-learning tools such as tablets in the delivery of education. Nyukani Education Centre Giyani is located between Giyani Section A and Giyani 14B, Greater Giyani Municipality, Mopani District, Limpopo Province, South Africa, and opened its doors in January 2016. Tirhani Ezekiel Mabunda of Tirhani Group Holdings is a founding member and a principle funder of the school.

The chairman contacted BigChess to assist in the selection of colours and then advice on the installation of the chess boards at the school.


welcome to giyani_j


aerial view


Colour Selection

The school has four houses – Bees, Lions, Foxes and Cheetahs. So the colours were chosen to match up with these. 

House Colours
Bees Yellow and Black
Lions Brown and Ivory
Foxes Grey and Black
Cheetahs Green and Black

DSCF7965 (1024x768)


Read more about the Site Visit, Recommendations and the Board Layout.


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