Before You Buy !

Some Important Information you Should Consider when Purchasing a Giant Chess Set:

bigchess colour tm  Some other large chess pieces

Are designed and manufactured in South Africa by South Africans.
sa worker with pieces

Designed and manufactured in a large Asian country who don’t like the Dalai Lama.
factory pollution

 Has a 4 mm wall thickness for toughness.
wall thickness comparison

 Has a wall thickness of 2 mm or less.


 Manufactured using industrial grade polyethylene plastic made by Sasol.



Plastic has industrial specifications (on our website) and is UV stabilized for long term use in South African conditions. 


Our set weighs 52 kg without packaging.

Packaged weight is 30 kg – must mean less of something?

 We can replace individual pieces fairly quickly should you have the misfortune to lose a piece.
knight for posting

You need to purchase a full set.

 We almost always have sets in stock.
lots of pieces

 These travel some distance and are sometimes difficult to buy in a hurry.

 We can make coloured sets to make your set unique !
colourful set

 Only black and white available.


 Tastefully designed by South Africans in the Staunton style without knobby heads.
yellow knight

chinese knight

 King height is 820 mm.

 King height is 650 mm.

 You can sit on most of our pieces if you need to.
sitting on piece

 The knobby top……. well it may be interesting?
chinese castle

 Permanent corporate branding can be applied.

 mold on examples

 They come as they come........


 Hmmm…. buy a proper vase……
pretty vases


 When they break you can use them for your flower arrangement.
headless pieces

chinese pawn vase

Single moulded pieces for maximum strength and good looks.
ivory knight

Made by screwing different top parts into a common base piece.
chinese knight unscrewed